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Web Design

In my role as a web designer, I've honed my skills by leading the creation of impactful home pages and landing pages, as well as spearheading the web rebrand for Allio Finance. By seamlessly integrating design principles with strategic thinking, I ensure that each element serves a purpose in guiding users through their digital journey while maintaining visual clarity and coherence. Through user-centered design and thoughtful information architecture, I prioritize user experience, fostering engagement and conversion. With an innate passion for innovation and a flair for bold choices, I apply these principles to create digital experiences that captivate and deliver measurable results.

Allio Finance Home Page

Desktop - Homepage.png
Mobile - Homepage.png

Allio Finance Savings Page

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Savings Goal - Landing Page.png
Savings Goal - Mobile.png

Allio Finance
Impact Investing 

Impact Investing - Landing Page.png
Impact investing - Mobile.png
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