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Influencer Collaboration

As an experienced marketer and creative producer, I was able to build Allio's TikTok presence from scratch by crafting a brand voice and personality in the videos while effectively accomplishing the goals of making saving and investing approachable and exciting to GenZ. With a keen eye for art direction and a deep understanding of marketing strategy, I was able to work with influencers to create engaging and innovative content that resonated with our target audience.

I led the entire process, from sourcing influencers and writing scripts to negotiating rates and producing the content through to final iteration. By constantly analyzing the data and gathering insights, I was able to make informed decisions and adjust the strategy as needed to achieve the best possible results. This approach allowed us to not only achieve our marketing goals, but also build a loyal following on TikTok and establish Allio as a brand that values creativity, authenticity, and approachability.

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