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I brings years of experience in building and refining brand identity, leveraging my penchant for creativity against data-informed decisions to cultivate culturally-apt and distinct point of views for brands. Notably, at Allio Finance, I was tasked with designing our brand identity from the ground up.  The result is a playful, bold, and accessible brand identity, of which I am very proud. 

Allio Finance
Brand Identity Deck 

Request was for a Gen-Z and Millenial focused fintech brand that felt accessible to novice investors. 
Tone: Playful, cheeky, bold, and exciting.

Alt Milk Magazine
Look and Feel Deck

Request was for an alternative art and poetry magazine.
Tone: Cool, chic, modern, punk, bold

Full Width.png

Happi Gummi
Look and Feel Deck

Request was for an adult multi-vitamin brand.
Tone: Invigorating, summery, fresh, playful.

Artboard 1.png
Freelance Logo Design

Rattler Collective


Lissy's Unique Gifts

Process Walkthrough: Goldenvoice Access Control Team Logo

Experience Overview

Native American History Month 2021

Custom Wordmark
by Frank Buffalo Hyde

Custom Surface Header
by Mer Young

Black History Month 2022

Super Bowl 2022


Access Control Team
Final Logo 

Brief asked for logo design for Goldenvoice's (Coachella Festival) Access Control team. The ask was for something friendly with a triceratops mascot to communicate the fortitude of the Access Control team.

Client loved the dino mascot but requested a more angular, harder approach. So I incorporated a triangle theme to reiterate the "tri" element of the triceratops.

Client wanted to move away from the spike images, and keep the hard lines. I transitioned to an hexagonal shape referential of a stop sign to further communicate the Access Control team. I also widened the triangles to feel like an obstacle.

Proto Walkthrough

Proto Walkthrough

Billie Eilish "When We All Fall Asleep Where do We Go" Tour 2020 

The Weeknd "After Hours" Tour 2020

AJR "Everything Everywhere Tour" 2020

30 Seconds

15 Seconds

Lissy's Unique Gifts

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