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Social Creative

My expertise in marketing video production and social media content creation has enabled me to excel in producing highly creative and effective content for various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. I have a deep understanding of the different creative directions and artistic principles, such as color theory, typography, and design, that are required to produce content that stands out and resonates with our target audience. By using my knowledge of these elements, I am able to create innovative and memorable content that effectively communicates our brand's message and drives engagement. This approach has helped our brand establish a strong social media presence and achieve our business objectives.

Allio Horoscopes
Allio Finance, IG Stories: 

Using recurring finance-focused horoscopes, I dev
eloped an unconventional approach to make complex financial concepts more accessible. Creating a zodiac collection of Instagram stories that related to our brand theme and included horoscopes and personalized messages for each sign, I gave audiences a familiar way to interact with unfamiliar concepts.

The collection was a huge success, generating significant engagement and growing brand awareness. Building on this success, I updated the zodiac collection monthly to create a pattern of behavior with our audience to return to our Instagram profile, which helped to keep our brand, Allio, top of mind and drive our business objectives forward.

Allio Instagram Identity
Allio Finance, IG Grid: 

Built the following Instagram Assets to give personality to the Allio. Each post addressed or established one of three core goals: personality, financial authority, and/or product value prop.